An Untitled Series of Sculptures

2016. Epoxy resin. (More images to be uploaded soon!)

I have become fascinated with mundane, everyday objects that we tend not to notice unless we have an immediate need for them - scissors, tape dispensers, tools such as pliers and tape measures, and the like. These objects seem to disappear, invisible in their insignificance.

By raising these typically disregarded materials to the dignity of art objects, and removing the elements of color and opacity, I hope to create a new-found awareness of these forms by removing some of the preconceived notions with which we normally observe them. By converting the mundane into something that is at once recognizable yet wondrously foreign, I aim to dislocate the known to redirect one’s attention toward the unknown or unknowable.  In doing so, I hope to create a surreal reflection of the world around us, without losing its familiarity.